Algae Anti-Acne Cream 50ml


Special herbal blend of Algae Anti-Acne Cream that acts against the formation of acne clearing the clogged pores & reducing the growth of bacteria. It improves the skin texture and fade away spots & scar marks.

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Developed to a special herbal formula that acts against the formation of acne. It dissolves sebum that is clogged in pores and slows the proliferation of bacteria, leaving your skin healthy, smooth and radiant. With added moisturizers to improve skin texture it also stimulates the reorganization of new skin fibers while healing to prevent permanent scar marks.

Direction/ How to Use

Cleans the face with Algae Cleansing Milk and apply a sufficient amount of Anti-Acne Cream over the affected area. Use twice a day. For better results use twice a day.

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Additional information

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