Treatment Conditioner 700ml


Product Description

Dreamron acid balanced Treatment Conditioner is especially formulated for treated (colored, permed or straightened) hair & it also good for dry, damaged or blow-dried hair. It restores all types of hair damages &dryness of hair and preserves natural straight & elasticity. It treats the hair with balance rate of oil retention and minimizes color fading leaving hair smooth & silky.

Available Volume: 700 ml

Apply to damp hair. Massage gently and leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
• Restores all types of damages & dryness of hair.
• Preserves natural straightness & elasticity.
• Adds good manageability and easy to comb.
• Protects against UV rays
• Minimizes color fading.
• Treats hair with a balanced rate of oil retention.
• Adds smooth and silky effect to hair.