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Evening Primrose

It contains Omega -6 fatty acids, Linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid.

Effective ingredient in medical and cosmetic field

Evening Prime Rose oil has moisturizing, fairness and softening effects on the skin.

It helps to prevent from acne, eczema and other skin disorder conditions


Gold Nano Particles

For centuries, pure gold has been used by the privileged and the wealthy as the secret to more youthful, beautiful skin.

The gold in the formula as Nano gold , which is a suspension of sub- micrometer-sized particles of in a fluid , both invisible and visible to the naked eye.

The extremely small particles of gold carry it across the skin barrier and are easily absorbed in to the body through the pores of the skin. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished with each gold application. It also reduces the appearance of sun damages and age spots. It can be used to maintain moisturized, radiant and healthy looking skin

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