Our Social Services

Araliya Scholarship Foundation

We Araliya Scholarship Foundation born from Odawara Johuku Rotary Club after a thought of seeing the disaster of tsunami on 26th December 2004. We have been touching the people’s hearts for ages fulfilling their hopes and aspirations and needs,We give to people but not to invest. We could talk to the hearts of people all over the world even in Sri Lanka now.Save This project is going to be established as a proposal of,

Odawara Johuku Rotary Club in Japan

The patron Dr. Priyanka Perera , on behalf of Sri Lanka is in charge of the Foundation. When we considerate the overall circumstances of the Sri Lankan students, it would be sanctified that they are supported by any organizations or person who is willing to give a hand. The acclaimed intention of this foundation is to support to the Sri Lankan students, who have talents but unable to continue their education because of financial difficulties and the lack of resources.

The ultimate concept of the foundation is to create an accomplished person to the society to prop up the future of the country while upgrading their social conditions.